¿Quién lo hubiera pensado?

¿Quién lo hubiera pensado?: Every day I am more surprised at the ability of human beings to adapt to the changes that occur in life and in the entire world.

When they announced that COVID-19 arrived in Mexico, I was at a Real Estate congress in Mazatlán, Sinaloa and the night before was the closing party where we all celebrated, danced, hugged each other and the social distancing that did not cross our minds. would come. 

I returned to Los Cabos two days after the announcement, to live a new reality never imagined. Like many, perhaps, I thought that we would do better compared to other countries. I even thought I’d better wait at home than having to go out with a mouth guard! Now I have mouth covers for every day, in various colors and styles.

I am blessed to live in paradise and the opportunity to work from home, most of the time.

At The Agency Los Cabos Real Estate we care about the well-being of our families, our work team and our clients. You can be sure that, at The Agency Los Cabos, your property for sale is in good hands. We have not stopped working, only now we do it in a different way, using more technology with virtual Open Houses, different social media, without neglecting personal and direct treatment with our clients and friends.

Virtual Open House – Hacienda Los Cabos Blue Herron D6

¿Quién lo hubiera pensado?:  If you are looking for a better place to live these times, do not hesitate to contact us. We will put at your disposal the best houses for sale in Los Cabos, according to your preferences, needs and budget.  

The experience of Luxury Real Estate Los Cabos has changed and it will be a pleasure to accompany you and help you find what you have been looking for.

I take this space to share my experiences with this “new reality”, hoping they will be helpful and if you identify with something, share it too. Expect new experiences in my next blog.

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