Protect your investment, the importance of property management

Plain and simple: a property manager is someone that looks after your investment. Keeping your best interests in the forefront, they manage all property needs and are your eyes and ears on the ground, keeping you informed.

Typical services include storm preparation, maintenance, and repairs, paying bills, taxes, fideicomiso, managing maintenance staff, and arranging short-term and long-term rentals.

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Whether you reside full-time or part-time in your property, if you are already too busy to deal with these everyday responsibilities, then having a property manager provides a tremendous value. If your property is promoted as a vacation rental, a property manager is there to oversee guest bookings, check-ins/outs, and general maintenance. Satisfied guests increase rentals and fabulous reviews on the rental website.

Qualities and skills to look for in a property manager are:

Well organized. It is vital that payments are made on time and that all processes are performed on time.

Proactive: Recognizing and anticipating events is necessary. A useful property manager is always anticipating events and is well prepared ahead of time.

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Communication Skills: You need a property manager who has the patience to listen, to comprehend the issues/tasks, and to be a mediator between people where necessary.

Trustworthy: You are placing your valuable investment in the hands of your property manager. Trust plays a huge role by providing peace of mind in your absence.

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Results & Transparency: You should receive a monthly report outlining expenses and activities, along with pending items and actions that are currently taking place. Make it your responsibility to evaluate your property manager and let them know the expected results.

Your house is your home and your family’s sanctuary. Choose your property manager wisely, and the results should speak for themselves.

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