Not for everyone… El Pescadero & Playa Los Cerritos

El Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos
Not for everyone, but some do get it.

The coastal communities of El Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos, located 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas, via highway 19, are not for everybody, but for those who do get it, it’s paradise.

If the idea of living in a place with endless outdoor activities appeals to you, if surfing or learning how, if mountain biking on miles of singletrack trails and endless backroads sounds good, this might be the right place for you.  

If morning walks with your dog on a secluded stretch of beach with whales breaching just offshore and turtles nesting in the white sand at your feet is your idea of a good way to start your day, you might get it. 

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If casting a lure into the surf and catching your dinner is your thing, or taking an ATV tour into the mountains to see one of the many waterfalls is your idea of how to spend a day with friends, you probably get it.

 If a bonfire on the beach with a companion and a glass of wine is your idea of a pleasant evening out,  if a horseback ride through the open spaces and organic farms or on a moonlit beach sounds better to you than a Cabo nightclub, this is an area you really should check out. You might get it.

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See, the lifestyle here isn’t for everybody.  It requires a love of nature and open spaces and a desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  We are naturally socially distanced.  Here we eat freshly caught seafood, shop locally for freshly harvested organic vegetables and fruits. No big box stores here.

You can dine out at any one of the many fine restaurants in the area as well; farm-to-table isn’t just a cliché here; it’s actually true.  Or,  if you want a more authentic dining experience, try one of the great tacos stands around town. They serve fresh fish and veggies too!

The typically large lot sizes and sensible pricing in this area attract many to put down roots here. Still, the real attraction is the laid back, unpretentious vibe that is a hallmark of the true Baja lifestyle.

If you are one of those who do get it, give me a call, and I will help you find the perfect spot to live your idea of an active, healthy Baja lifestyle.


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