Not for everyone… El Pescadero & Playa Los Cerritos

El Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos
Not for everyone, but some do get it.

The coastal communities of El Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos, located 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas, via highway 19, are not for everybody, but for those who do get it, it’s paradise.

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Living outside the box in Cabo

One of the many great things about Los Cabos is the people who live here. Some came in the mid-’80s and ’90s for the world-class surfing and fishing and fell in love with the almost perfect year-round weather and kicked-back lifestyle. Real Estate was reasonable, and it was easy to find large size lots. These are the people who help set the tone for what Los Cabos is today.

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Pedaling Cabo

Pedaling Cabo: Those die-hard mountain bicycling enthusiasts out there visiting Los Cabos for the first time, might not be able to help but be enamored by the hilly desert landscapes and envision what it would be like to pedal their way through the coastline. Hopping on a mountain bike will most likely be one of the most desirable and enjoyable ways to get to know Los Cabos, its people, and the many magical places encountered along the way on weekend rides.

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